Outdoor Family Pictures Ideas

Taking your family out for a professional photo shoot outside can make most moms cringe. Keeping everyone happy, peaceful, not fighting, and smiling is no small task for parents. Also, keeping them clean and somewhat focused on smiling while not running off into the woods is another challenge! Some tips to keep in mind to make outdoor family pictures  enjoyable and a fun experience for the entire family:


Discover the Backyard

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Photo Credit By Grace Combs Photography http://www.gracecombs.com/

Try to schedule the shoot in the late afternoon when the lighting is ideal. The photographer will be able to capture the images very quickly and you’ll love the warm golden in the photo. FEED your children (and yourself!) right before the shoot. You might want to stay away from super sugary items if it tends to make your kids go a little crazy. You can bribe them with cookies as a last resort once you at the shoot, but that usually isn’t needed. If your kids are happiest in their own backyard; just take the photos there. No need to pack snacks, and the bathroom is right there for the kiddos!





One perfect backyard idea is to have a Family Movie Night. Set out blankets, colorful pillows, and add vintage touches like old fashioned root beer with straws and old movie reels. Don’t forget the popcorn; that will definitely get the kids smiling! A vintage projector, wood crates, and a white sheet screen will add the finishing touches!







Water and Parks family picture ideas

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Photo Credits by Laurynbyrdy.com

The local park can be a cliched idea for a family photo location, but not if you think outside of the box. Try heading for the water, with either a kayak or a canoe. Not only will the boating experience be fun for the entire family; it will create great visual interest for the shoot. The photographer will be able to capture nature, fresh emotions, water rushing, kids laughing, and parent’s paddling. The many images would make a great photo collage on a wall, especially if you are nature lovers. It is a perfect blend of art and personal style.  Just google your nearest canoe rental and coordinate with the professional photographer to either hop in a canoe or to photograph you with a zoom lens from a bridge as you pass by. You can even take more formal, posed pictures once you are on dry land.




Winter wonderlands picture ideas


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photo credit by rebekah westover photography

Many families might be scared away by a winter storm, but fresh white snow creates some of the most beautiful backdrops for an outdoor family shoot. It is very important to dress with lots of color though, or you will not “pop” against the white winter backdrop behind you. Snowy forests with farm fence rails and snow covered barns make for a beautiful rustic photo shoot that the entire family will love. Dress warmly, and buy some instant hand and foot warmers for the younger kids. You can even start the shoot off by making a snowman to get the kids to stay in one spot. Once you have finished, have the photographer snap a couple posed photos before you head inside for a steaming cup of hot cocoa!


  1. outdoor family picture ideas…

    Some tips to keep in mind to make outdoor family pictures enjoyable and a fun experience for the entire family…

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    outdoor family picture ideas…

    Some tips to keep in mind to make outdoor family pictures enjoyable and a fun experience for the entire family…

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