Family picture ideas at the beach

While on vacation, or just taking a day off to head to the lake or ocean, it can be tempting to squeeze in a quick beach family photo. It can be harder than you think, though. Wind is blowing your hair everywhere, kids are squinting in the sun, and sand seems to be in all kinds of uncomfortable places. The main thing to remember with a successful family picture at the beach it is the planning!


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1) Book a Photographer, who takes mainly beach pictures!

Sounds pretty logical, but many photographers wince at the idea of taking their precious camera and lens to a windy, sandy, wet beach. However, many photographers, who live in coastal towns love, and thrive, off beach photography. It is their main photography expertise, and they will bounce at the opportunity to create a beautiful image for you. If you plan on heading to a particular town’s beach, research their local photographer’s website first and view their beach portfolio to see if it meets your standards.



2) Think Sunrise, Sunset for more family picture ideas at the beach!

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Are you near an ocean or great lake? Does the lake feature sunrises or sunsets…or both? Try to check out the lighting at each time, before you set on a time.

Not many people can get their kids bright eyed and bushy tailed by sunrise for a photo shoot. While it is beautiful, it may be hard to get your whole family awake to beat the sunrise. If you can, though, you are going to get some gorgeous lighting. It is important to go at these non-peak sun hours, where lighting is gentle with little shadows, before you set on a time.

If you try to get your beach family pictures done anytime during the day, you will have squinty eyes, harsh shadows on your face, or over exposed images with lots of white in it, instead of blue waters.



3) Don’t forget to Play!

Once you are at the beach, your kids will probably be distracted instantly. They will want to make sand castles, swim, run, and play. I’m sure your first instinct is to not let them ruin their new outfits, but this will just stress you out. Instead, play with the kids and try to smile at the camera, when you can. These candid images will look much better than stressful posed pictures:

4) Stay Till the Sunsets

While we mentioned before that the sunset is a beautiful time for a photo, try staying even longer. Just as the sun dips below the horizon, it creates a beautiful shadow line for the photographer. They can underexpose the image to give a beautiful silhouette of your family, as you walk on the beach. This is such a statement portrait that can be featured in your foyer, above your fireplace, or in your bedroom. It is soothing and gorgeous to look at:



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