Cute Family Picture Ideas

Photo sessions are supposed to capture a moment in time for your family that is carefree and full of love. However, oftentimes moms find themselves stressed, while trying to “plan” the perfect photo shoot. They want a unique location, great light, cute outfits, a coordinated look, but not too matchy matchy.

Cute family pictures like a superhero or a favorite animal

Before running off to the intimidating world of Pinterest, think about what your family loves to do. If you have a difficult child that truly hates getting his picture taken, think of him first. What makes them giggle and smile? Is it dressing up like a superhero, or having a tea party out in a field with their favorite stuffed animals? Jot down each child’s favorite activity, or ask them. If you incorporate this into the shoot, you are guaranteeing yourself lots of laughter, great candid memories and pictures, and most of all, a happy family!


Cute family pictures “unposed”

Now, maybe you suffer from grumpy parent syndrome. Are your children carefree in front of the camera, but you find yourself wincing at the idea of being photographed? Or, does your partner make you feel like you are dragging them to the most boring activity in the world? Jot down what makes you happy. Is it going for a nice walk at the park, or just watching your kids play? Start the photo session off with what you do every day. You can all hold hands and make funny faces at each other, as you walk. This is a great way to have an “unposed” portrait that truly reflects your family. Or, to have a nice “icebreaker” have the kids play with the toys you brought them, and sit back and watch them giggle and play. Maybe your husband loves giving piggy back rides or throwing the kids into the air. Capturing these genuine moments will create cherished family pictures!

Cute family picture clothing

If you are concerned about what to wear, think of bright and bold colors. They always look great against a natural field, forest, or park. Try to avoid the “all matched” look. If you pick one or two colors, try to mix textures, accessories, prints, plaids, polka dots, and even colored shoes to add visual interest. I personally find shopping online to be the easiest way to pick out outfits, since you can look at all the items in your virtual cart. I often go to, which has gap, banana republic, old navy, and piperlime clothing and accessories. I pick out clothes for my son first, and then go through the website’s search engine to find coordinating looks for the rest of the family. They have some of the best accessories for the best family picture ideas!

Cute family pictures with handmade photo props

Also, adding handmade or vintage props add so much character to a picture! Etsy store N Hayes Designs has adorable burlap banners that really make the photo pop. Morgann Hill, shop owner of Braggingbags creates rustic chic chalkboard signs for styled outdoor photo shoots that moms and kids love.

For cozy Autumn shoots, Celeste at CricketsHome creates beautiful knitted blankets to sit on, and adorable coordinating hats for babies. For a silly photo shoot with lots of laughter, Itty Bitty Wedding Etsy Boutique has hilarious Black and white hipster photo props. Top hats, coke rimmed glasses, mustaches, and more…all on a dowel stick for endless ideas. Lastly, Amy at Revived Vintage creates gorgeous frame props for a modern, cute family picture idea.



Cute family picture location ideas

Lastly, think of fun locations for taking your pictures. Do you have a fair or carnival that comes to town? The merry go round, ice cream trucks, ferris wheel, and games make for beautiful backdrops.  Do you live near major cities? Secluded alleys, brick cobblestone roads, museums entrances, and many other urban elements create stunning images for a portrait. No props are needed with all the architectural ingredients of an urban skyline. If you live in the country, a farm, or barn adds beautiful texture and ambiance to a photo. When you think about it, your cute family picture ideas and options truly are endless!

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